Despite the fact that 90% of today's enterprises have adopted the cloud, only one-third achieve the expected return on investment. The most advanced companies understand that while the cloud gives you next-level computing power and access to new kinds of data in the quantity and quality you need, artificial intelligence is the bridge to transform that data into business value. It's no surprise that all top management is now on the AI ​​agenda and they're asking what's next. This is where applied intelligence comes in. We believe that the cloud is the tool, data is the driving force, and artificial intelligence is the differentiator. We're bringing them together to help you make smarter, faster decisions to transform and grow your organization—at scale. And because we understand that people play a key role in the success of any technology transformation, our global team of experts has the cross-functional skills to both drive business results and drive cultural change, empowering your people to use data and AI responsibly.

Industrializing AI with Applied Intelligence Learn how to maximize the impact of AI on your business. Our capabilities We provide AI solutions and services to help you reach your business goals faster and set you up for sustainable growth. .