Simplify Your Search for Professionals with Servicingmarket

What is Servicingmarket?

Servicingmarket is a service that facilitates the connection between clients and professionals.

Clients can find a wide range of professionals on Servicingmarket to address various needs, such as tutors, driving instructors, plumbers, and hairdressers. We have over 2,300,000 specialists offering 900 types of services on Servicingmarket.

Private specialists and companies can connect with clients through Servicingmarket. Every day, more than 20,000 new orders are posted on our website.

How can clients choose a specialist?

To find a suitable specialist, enter your desired service or professional in the search bar on our website and answer a few questions. Provide information about when you would like to start the project, your budget expectations, and preferred meeting locations.

Once you post your order, specialists will offer their services and prices. Choose the most suitable professional based on their reviews, ratings, and previous work examples. Pay attention to the "Verified Passport" badge on their profile. The specialist search is free, and you will directly negotiate payment terms with the chosen professional.

How can specialists find orders?

All available orders can be viewed in your personal account. Choose the orders that match your budget, deadlines, and location. Send your proposal and offer your services to the client. When you respond to an order, the client will receive your contact details and can reach out to you directly.

Multiple specialists may apply for the same order, but it is the client who ultimately chooses the most suitable option.

On Servicingmarket, specialists pay for completed orders or for submitting proposals, depending on their specific field of expertise.

How are reviews generated on Servicingmarket?

Once a specialist confirms the completion of an order, we kindly ask the client to leave a review about their experience with the professional.

All reviews on our website are genuine. Only individuals who found a specialist through Servicingmarket can publish their feedback.

Who is responsible for the outcome?

We do not provide services directly but aim to facilitate the connection between specialists and clients. Our priority is to ensure a reliable and secure platform for all users.

Here's what we do:

  • We request all specialists to undergo document verification. Verified specialists can be easily identified by the "Verified Passport" badge on their profile.
  • We only publish verified reviews. Client feedback helps others form an impression of the specialist's work.
  • We take action against specialists and clients who violate our service rules.
  • We provide support in resolving complex situations. If you encounter any difficulties during your project, please contact our support team at

What we recommend to you:

  • Verify the documents of the person you plan to work with. Take note of their passport and address details.
  • If a specialist arrives who is not the one you selected, decline their services and notify us immediately.
  • Create a contract before starting the work. This ensures that both parties understand the tasks and conditions correctly.
  • If you are transferring money or valuable items to a specialist, obtain a written receipt.
  • Choose specialists who provide guarantees. Guarantee terms are usually specified in their profile.

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