Our base
Our database consists of more than 10,000 Middle+ and Senior professionals, each hand-selected. Generally speaking, the contractor goes through a three-stage scoring before starting work on any order:

Closed registration in our catalog
The first stage consists of studying the CV, portfolio, the quality of the applicants' work and their communication with our specialist when he applies to our exclusive catalog.
Selection for a specific customer request
At the second stage, we select suitable resumes from our database, conduct internal interviews, sending only relevant and ready-to-cooperate candidates to the customer.
Evaluation of candidates by the customer, interviews and tests
At the third stage, the customer conducts the number of interviews and test tasks he needs to determine the contractor.

Our destinations
The services we offer can be divided into three areas:
Development and programming on any stack
Design and multimedia
Marketing, traffic, SEO, SMM, lead generation
In any of these areas, we can provide you with the services of both one specialist and a group of specialists, including a whole team on a turnkey basis.

All employees of our company work from different cities and countries, and this does not prevent us from organizing team building and meeting at professional conferences





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